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I knew I was going to do this sooner or later, but I just wasn’t ready, and the timing was never right for me. Either way, I had to brace myself and do it. I watched as he stood on the other side of the room getting ready for me. With his device, he looked very ready, but I wasn’t, I felt tense all over and knots swarm in my stomach. I was so afraid he’d hurt me. “Don’t be afraid dear, it won’t
CharleneKez · 534 days ago

Dear Angela,              I know you're slowly dying of so much guilt that your conscience has probably absconded in shame but one thing I think you should know is that I would never witch hunt you. Never! Our friendship was a masterpiece but you chose to blow it into the abyss. It hurts to know that you didn't think it evil to drive a poisoned stake into my heart. True, you must have done it out
CharleneKez · 519 days ago

Cried every night till my tears were dried Ached in my heart right from the inside Lost my very essence ‘cause I gave you the license Mind got screwed till I lost my cool No other dude could ever get through   Said you’d love me for centuries Too many of these lies in my memory Ages and ages of gross deceit Should’ve seen ‘tis a reason to retreat But my love was too strong to shove   T
CharleneKez · 529 days ago

                              Leila sat on her grandfather's easy chair, rocking herself absentmindedly as she fantasized about her future husband; how he'll propose to her on the shores of an Hawaiian beach with beautiful dancers all dressed in lovely mumus and grass-made crowns or how they'll  cruise in a Yacht across the Atlantic ocean and end up snorkeling or scuba diving in the underwater wor
CharleneKez · 476 days ago

I wish they were completely honest with you- I wish they told you the reality…That knowing better doesn't always mean that you'll do better. I wish they told you that with the gift of introspection is its less attractive sister, deception. I wish they told you that even with this new found knowledge and ability to self reflect is the sister that lurks and waits for the right time to remind you tha
teminiran · 533 days ago

Love you from the sole of your feet Up to the crown of your hair Nappy, kinky, or curly Every style that your wear Be you the blackest of berries Or lightest of fruits Tonight, I’m trying to say this to you Yes I’m loving your shades Every spectrum and tone A million shadings of gold Your beauty a story untold Cause they depict you as less Promoting hating of self Bleach creams and
willifmoore · 547 days ago

  Again, I found myself on the verge of the most dangerous place I had ever known…my mind. Some days it was a garden of beauty, most days, a void not even darkness could fill. From this existential prison with only sleep for temporary escapes and the hope of death for a permanent one, wrestling with time was all I ever did. Time, after all said and done, the spending of this priceless commodity
willifmoore · 494 days ago

Two weeks passed quickly and still no word from Jake. This was quite unlike him.  Every second that passed only seemed to heighten my worry. I became a devout Christian automatically, praying morning and night that Jake would be safe. I could not concentrate on anything and soon my friends noticed.  "Shay, are you okay?" asked Mims "Yes, I'm fine" I lied, wearing a plastic smile.  "If you can s
Orsuelah · 527 days ago

‘What ever happened to romance?’ she lamented, starting at her phone. ‘What’s the problem? Another dick pic from a Tinder hook up?’ ‘Even worse, he is asking for my nudes.’ Esther was beyond frustrated with what passed for 21st century courtship. It was bad enough that meeting now happened more online than anywhere else. She often found herself fantasizing about living in times when as she woul
willifmoore · 532 days ago

We couldn’t get enough of each other. Our moments in church were now too short. We started going out on real dates (Well, at least that’s what it seemed like to me at the time). We would go window shopping at malls which was always nice because I always got something nice at the end of the day. Soon, I had to start giving out some of the teddy bears he bought lest it became too suspicious (Don’t l
Orsuelah · 532 days ago

What happens when your reflection doesn't stare back at you And your will is bound to servitude What happens when the rains return to the skies Or the sun is stained like bleeding eyes What happens when the wind refuses to whisper Or the air you breathe, like a flower withers What happens when your heart dances to the drum of death And your soul departs it's daring depth What lies beyond the path
Orsuelah · 534 days ago

Characters we encounter in books aren’t so different from people we encounter in reality. For the most part; we are given a little insight into a person’s persona, and based on the little information we have, we make up the rest. Anyone that has ever experienced something like falling in love at first sight will be able to relate to the notion of falling in love with the idea of what a person coul
willifmoore · 506 days ago

What's the price of your soul? Your weight in silver or gold? Knowledge from ages so old Buried cryptic in scrolls? Oh yeah, we're searching for truth Taking detours for some roots For the root of evil, we live in pursuit.   I have to cop me a suit  A new pad with a view Swimming pool that's in suite And a gold chain for a noose   Living rich and depressed Hoping the liquor destress
willifmoore · 522 days ago

Don't be alarmed It's just some kids with firearms and machetes for your arm You are now welcome to the belly of the beast Where demons and devils meet Crime and corruption cripple the streets, Broad day bribery, no, it's never discreet, Preachers prey on the meek, Leaders prey on the weak, Rip the spoils of the soil and leave the water filled with oil, You live in denial of a failed
willifmoore · 529 days ago

Dear little damsel, why are you sad? This life indeed is full  of so many miseries... don't cry cause your tears will dry off, don't fight cause your skin will feel the pain.... don't scream cause your throat might get a tear.... stay calm for this isn't your fight .... but that of your life and your path to your destination... if you try to do something harsh you might end up being invis
Beautie · 360 days ago

I roll to my side andI'm greeted by a smiling mistakeI try to wash of my discontentIn its stead, the void of my infidelityI'm dressed in the nicest clothesBut I feel like the world can see my naked sinThe night beforeIn the cloak of darknessWe crushed trust with ourDeafening groansAnd failed to heedThe voice of guiltThe night beforeIn another man's bedI nestled in the comfort of betrayalNow when s
Orsuelah · 400 days ago

I had a lover onceHe was 'the one every girl wants'He did everything rightProtected me from the cold of the night He would touch my hairAnd hold my handAnd his kiss could make me want for airMy lover, however, loved to play' disappear'A game that left me with the cold to bearMy teeth would clatterMy feet frostbittenAnd the cold climbed to my heart as with a ladderMy lover did return He tried to gi
Orsuelah · 447 days ago

‘Rip my heart apartEvery piece into more piecesLove is for foolish heartsNow I wish I had listened’.As I dropped my pen on my tear-soaked notepad, I felt weak like a surge of energy just left me. I sobbed silently on my bed. My mind in total disarray, I cried till there were no more tears in my tear ducts, till I felt like I couldn’t breathe, till I felt completely drained and I must have drifted 
Orsuelah · 463 days ago

A week ago I shouted, With a depth that betrayed forbidden stories My voice breaking in pain, My back saddled with fatigue; Alone.   Hours passed Still I ignored it, It haunted my every move Highlighting the failures around me, maddening imperfections bold, annoying I grew exasperated with every minute.   “So pitiful” I whispered in disgust. As the subtitles of a movie began to blur, and the sound
minathemilkmaid · 463 days ago

A week ago I shouted, With a depth that betrayed forbidden stories My voice breaking in pain, My back saddled with fatigue; Alone.   Hours passed Still I ignored it, It haunted my every move Highlighting the failures around me, maddening imperfections bold, annoying I grew exasperated with every minute.   “So pitiful” I whispered in disgust. As the subtitles of a movie began to b
minathemilkmaid · 463 days ago
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