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   How painful it must to be timeless, to know it all…but even more painful, to be eternal, never able to taste the pain of death. Often I imagine we are but the dream of a God gone mad. That would explain why there is evil, a sleeping God couldn’t really do much against such…hmmm. For far too long I sat in deep contemplation about the existence of a creator being. One that is infinite, beyond s
willifmoore · 493 days ago

  Again, I found myself on the verge of the most dangerous place I had ever known…my mind. Some days it was a garden of beauty, most days, a void not even darkness could fill. From this existential prison with only sleep for temporary escapes and the hope of death for a permanent one, wrestling with time was all I ever did. Time, after all said and done, the spending of this priceless commodity
willifmoore · 493 days ago

The first and most important rule of writing is that there are NO rules, only suggestions. Depending on what you are writing, who you are writing for, and what you want to achieve with your writing, the writer can do as they please. The web and books are filled with all sorts of rules. They encourage us to avoid clichés, to use simple grammar, short sentences, the list goes on. But in reality, the
willifmoore · 500 days ago

Characters we encounter in books aren’t so different from people we encounter in reality. For the most part; we are given a little insight into a person’s persona, and based on the little information we have, we make up the rest. Anyone that has ever experienced something like falling in love at first sight will be able to relate to the notion of falling in love with the idea of what a person coul
willifmoore · 505 days ago

  Eric was no stranger to the idea that he came off as a bit of an asshole. In his opinion, he was only brutally honest but people just didn’t like to confront the truth. They’d rather have a sugar-coated pill of lies to soothe their insecurities and enable them to maintain some false sense of value. He was sat across the table on an encounter he wasn’t sure could be classified as a date. The dat
willifmoore · 506 days ago

What's the price of your soul? Your weight in silver or gold? Knowledge from ages so old Buried cryptic in scrolls? Oh yeah, we're searching for truth Taking detours for some roots For the root of evil, we live in pursuit.   I have to cop me a suit  A new pad with a view Swimming pool that's in suite And a gold chain for a noose   Living rich and depressed Hoping the liquor destress
willifmoore · 521 days ago

  What is an idea? Ideas cannot be touched, seen, or felt, but they are as real as any object perceivable by the five senses. In fact they are so real that we have an entire system dedicated to securing ideas as personal or cooperate property. That is exactly what patents are for. In this chapter we will be looking at the nature of ideas and the implications presented by what we discover. To put
willifmoore · 522 days ago

I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t mean to. It all happened so fast. One second we were having dinner at the table watching another bizarre home-movie and making fun of everything we could pick out done wrong, the next second I’m covered with a rage beyond my control unleashing more terror than I ever imagined I was capable of.  It started when she decided to look at her phone. She had been doing
willifmoore · 527 days ago

Don't be alarmed It's just some kids with firearms and machetes for your arm You are now welcome to the belly of the beast Where demons and devils meet Crime and corruption cripple the streets, Broad day bribery, no, it's never discreet, Preachers prey on the meek, Leaders prey on the weak, Rip the spoils of the soil and leave the water filled with oil, You live in denial of a failed
willifmoore · 528 days ago

‘What ever happened to romance?’ she lamented, starting at her phone. ‘What’s the problem? Another dick pic from a Tinder hook up?’ ‘Even worse, he is asking for my nudes.’ Esther was beyond frustrated with what passed for 21st century courtship. It was bad enough that meeting now happened more online than anywhere else. She often found herself fantasizing about living in times when as she woul
willifmoore · 531 days ago

3. Mechanics   In literally every art form, there is a certain mechanic aspect that births what we refer to as aesthetics. For writing, though all stories are made up of words and letters, not all writing are read with the same beauty. You can give two writers exactly the same story to tell and end up with two different looking scripts because writers vary in style. The mechanics aspect of writi
willifmoore · 531 days ago

The morning breeze was chilling against the tears that streamed from her face as she stared into the dark waters, leaning over the Third Mainland Bridge. She had heard all sorts of tales about this bridge and waters beneath it. There were the more outlandish stories involving water spirits popularly known as Mami-Water, and there were others closer to reality like car crashes and suicide jumps. To
willifmoore · 535 days ago

I hate it! I really hate it! These thoughts echoed in her mind like a distant scream into the longest tunnel. She stared at the mirror wishing for something. Anything but this. And, no, not the mirror you’re thinking of. This mirror didn’t reflect the world for what it was, far from it. This was the black mirror, a hammer that forces beyond her control relentlessly used to beat the world into sha
willifmoore · 538 days ago

What is a book? A collection of letters, words and sentences on pages with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Seems simple enough right? With the right burst of inspiration there is nothing to stop anyone from writing one. But then, everyone isn’t a writer, and even among writers, not every book or story has the ability to hold us to ransom demanding our complete attention. So what is it that make
willifmoore · 543 days ago

My primary school teacher described it best when she told us that culture can be defined as a people’s way of life. It is very common that culture is mistaken for tradition and it isn’t difficult to see why this happens. A more expansive definition of culture would describe it as the manifestation of the collective ideas held by a group of people. Tradition on the other hand, is only a vehicle to
willifmoore · 546 days ago

Love you from the sole of your feet Up to the crown of your hair Nappy, kinky, or curly Every style that your wear Be you the blackest of berries Or lightest of fruits Tonight, I’m trying to say this to you Yes I’m loving your shades Every spectrum and tone A million shadings of gold Your beauty a story untold Cause they depict you as less Promoting hating of self Bleach creams and
willifmoore · 546 days ago

  With him gone, she was left with the sound of silence only broken by the tick-tock of her big clock. The air reeked of stale cigarette and sex mixed with the bittersweet smell of his perfume. Sweet because it reminded her of him in his absence, bitter because it reminded her that he had to go. She reached for a half empty pack of cigarette and sparked one on her lips. She didn’t necessarily enj
willifmoore · 546 days ago
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