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All That Glitters Is More Likely Gold Than Love (Chapter 4)

"I'm nervous, mum"

"It's okay dear. You look stunning. Own the day" she said with a reassuring smile.
That was the confidence boost I needed. I half-walked, half-skipped down the aisle, my smile wider than the Cheshire cat's in Alice in Wonderland. My gown was of the purest white I have ever seen, embellished with real rubies splashed across the bodice. I was in a church. I knew that because of the very huge cross that boasted it's presence above the altar in front of the church. Save for the cross, everywhere and everything was white. The priest was clad in white too. It was all so magnificent. Right opposite the priest stood a tall being dressed in a fitted black tuxedo which framed his perfect broad shoulders. He had his back to me so I couldn't get a glimpse of his face.
There was a wave of silence, followed by gasps and whispers from the guests as I approached the tuxedoed figure. Then he turned around.



"Wow! Someone is in a real hurry to get hitched, she forgot to wait for her cue song" He said, wiggling his brows suggestively.

"Wait! What?"

"Your cue song. You know, 'here comes the bride'... etc... Never been to a wedding?"

"Oh gosh! I'm so sorry. I guess I was over excited" I blushed.

"No problemo! I know how irresistible I am" He winked. "and I suspected this would happen so I made provision for plan B".
Before I could ask what he meant, he stretched his hand and snapped his fingers. At the snap of his fingers, a curtain draped at the top left corner of the church dropped, revealing an entire Orchestra led by Ludwig Van Beethoven. The Ludwig Van Beethoven. I gasped.

"Oh my God! Is that...?"

"Yes, my love. I wanted nothing but the best on this special day". He beamed.

The beautiful Symphony drifted out of the instruments and wafted across the church halls softly, giving off a dreamy feel. Next thing I know, I was in Jake's arms floating through the air along with the music.
It was perfect until some disc jockey appeared from thin air and began blasting off loud music from his huge, rectangular boom box. I knew that song. It was a hit song by Ciara titled, 'get up'. As I turned around to scream at the DJ, I bumped my head into my bedside table.

"Ouch!" I screamed.

The boom box was my stupid phone. I glared at the gleaming object. Three missed calls, it read. It seemed pleased to have interrupted my awesome dream. I should have known it was just a dream, Beethoven is long dead, God rest his soul.

It was 2:04am. 'who could be calling at this hour?' I wondered. I didn't recognize the number.
Since the phone wasn't ringing anymore, I figured I would try to lie back in the same position and see if I could grasp fragments of my dream. Unfortunately, my phone had other plans. As soon as I relaxed, it began to ring and vibrate tumultuously. I made a mental note to turn off the vibration if I survived this attack. I flipped open my phone and grunted a barely audible 'hello' to ensure I register my utmost displeasure at the unwelcome interruption.

"Hey babe!"

"Jake? Jake!" My eyes flew open. Any plans of catching fragments of my dream vanished.

Orsuelah · 516 days ago
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