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What They Forget

I wish they were completely honest with you- I wish they told you the reality…That knowing better doesn't always mean that you'll do better. I wish they told you that with the gift of introspection is its less attractive sister, deception. I wish they told you that even with this new found knowledge and ability to self reflect is the sister that lurks and waits for the right time to remind you that you still ain't shit; that you're still human, and that you're still not as better off as you'd celebrated yourself to be.

I wish they told you that just because you now understand the importance of taking a break to look inwards, to gauge those things that are important to you and really just get in tune with yourself... Shit, I'm rambling again. I guess what I'm saying is, I wish they told us, that knowing ourselves isn't just enough. If anything, it's just the beginning. The real test, the real achievement comes when we can side-step that ugly sister that despite knowing, encourages us to do the shit we consider stupid. 

I know you haven't forgotten her name so soon; Deception. The one that encourages us to hang on to that foolish notion of hope and potential. The one that leaves us calculating all the ways that it could be, and how bright the light at the end of the tunnel could be. The one that seduces our minds and cause us to betray our new found logic. That little voice that ever so often whispers "you don't know how it could turn out. It could be good." And so you, in all of the vulnerability you thought you escaped, go along with it. 

You, the one who prides herself on not always needing to be with someone. The one who understands the importance of taking some time off to not only analyze the things that you did and didn't like, but the one who because of it, knows herself better. The one who even preaches the importance of knowing oneself. You, in all of your knowledge must now admit that you don't know shit. Must now accept that just because you know better, doesn't mean that you will ALWAYS do better. You must now accept that the strength doesn't come in just knowing, or even just doing. That it comes in understanding the very nature of it- the very nature of what makes you….human. That you are vulnerable, and will sometimes do vulnerable shit. You, in all of your knowledge will realize that they only painted you half of the picture- the other half, they ever so gracefully "forgot".


teminiran · 533 days ago
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