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The death tease

Hey you there

Yes Mister, I'm talking to you

Don't just nod your head

Come play with me, please do


Hey you standing over there

You played with the others already

Come lace my shoes or braid my hair

Are you deaf or just heady


Hey you in the weirdest cloak

I wonder what games you know how to play

I will prance about like a defiant bloke

Until you dance with me beneath the sun rays


Hey you anonymous fella

Where are all the people you played with

If mum asks your name, what would I tell her

Do you have secrets would you tell me a little bit


Hey you naughty kid

Enough of your nonsense

I'll tell you a little bit

And I promise you'll regret thence


Your friends that I played with

Never again shall you see them

Every loser goes to the abyss

I always win... Maybe not now but in the long term


Oh you nosy child

You should have stayed where you belonged

I can burn like a fire, wild

Or I can take the breath out your lungs


I'm a guest, welcome or not

I'll take who I want without or with wealth

In my wake, a trail of rot

What is it you asked again??? Ah my name is death

Orsuelah · 533 days ago
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