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Letter To The Bestie That Stole My Man

Dear Angela,

             I know you're slowly dying of so much guilt that your conscience has probably absconded in shame but one thing I think you should know is that I would never witch hunt you. Never!
Our friendship was a masterpiece but you chose to blow it into the abyss. It hurts to know that you didn't think it evil to drive a poisoned stake into my heart. True, you must have done it out of love, lust, infatuation or whatever attraction but you forgot that what we had was more than what he gave you. He promised you attention over our shared passion. He led you on with no intention of making you the one and you scrambled into his ship of seduction without thoughts of our friendship; one that was so rare to find and unbind.

            Looking back at our crazy memories, I can't imagine us as enemies. When did we become so pathetic and unrealistic? 'Cause of a man who didn't even put a ring on it.
You hurt me bad but I still think of you as my sister.
I think of everything we did together.
The nights we giggled so hard till tears fell out.
The gloomy days when we sat, cried and hugged each other.
How could you forget that Angela? How could you?

            The way we walked to class together in laughter.
The times we helped each other out with tampons and Kung Fu. I know you're sorry but how far can the elasticity of our wounded friendship stretch before it snaps.
How far can you go for us? I can barely recognize the love-greedy beast he's turned you into.
Angela, you used to be so altruistic; you still are. I'm willing to give you another chance, for the sake of the tears, pains and ugliness we share. I won't let a smooth criminal get in between us, if only you promise never to talk about him to me until I heal from this.
Do not let our friendship be cut short in a crescendo of ill becomings. For his obsession was like a distraction meant to ruin us.
          However, don't blame me if I find it hard to trust you wholly. I'm still healing and it's only a necessary precaution to take.
Regardless, I love you like I've always done, no douchey man would change that.
                                                                                               Your Best friend,

CharleneKez · 463 days ago
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