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His rage

I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t mean to. It all happened so fast. One second we were having dinner at the table watching another bizarre home-movie and making fun of everything we could pick out done wrong, the next second I’m covered with a rage beyond my control unleashing more terror than I ever imagined I was capable of. 

It started when she decided to look at her phone. She had been doing this for sometime now. Call me paranoid but whenever a person randomly changes habits or develops a new one, something is wrong. Especially when it’s many years into a marriage, eight years! And I get it; we have been going through a rough patch. For quite some time I haven’t been able to find a job and I have been wallowing in self-pity while she took care of the family.

‘Who are you texting?’ I asked.

The sheepish grin on her face disappeared, but it was too late for pretence. I was a lot of things, but blind wasn’t one of them.

‘Oh no one, just got a funny picture from this chat group I’m in.’

‘Then you wouldn’t mind if I had a look at it too.’ I reached for her phone. She drew it to her chest faster than a poker master suspecting his cards were being spied on.

‘Is there a problem.’ I noticed my voice growing cold. I should have stopped there.

‘It’s my phone, you can’t just reach for it.’

‘Oh but I can.’ I stood up to tower over her.

‘What are you doing?’ her eyes were lit with fear.

‘Hand me that phone.’ I reached out with my palm open.

Tears now streamed down her face. It should have softened my heart, but if anything, it intensified my bitterness. In retrospect, my aggravation was probably more a product of my insecurities that her actions. But in the heat of the moment, I saw myself as nothing but the victim of a woman’s infidelity. I grabbed her wrist so hard it would come to leave finger marks later.

‘Give me that phone!’

She fought back…she shouldn’t have. In an attempt to keep her secret she bit into my hand as hard as her jaw would let her. It was painful, well at least it should have been. But I was way past that now. I a fit of rage it all went black at the sight of my blood.

By the time I regained control of myself, she was sprawled on the floor like a ragged doll with a black eye and broken nose. I wasn’t even sure if she was alive. What had I done? I rushed to the phone to call an ambulance. I didn’t want her to die. Not like this.

As the ambulance made its way, I picked up the phone and found her lover. Oh he had it coming for him. Look what he made me do. A fast death was the best I could offer him. He should have known better.     

willifmoore · 528 days ago
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