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Cried every night till my tears were dried

Ached in my heart right from the inside

Lost my very essence ‘cause I gave you the license

Mind got screwed till I lost my cool

No other dude could ever get through


Said you’d love me for centuries

Too many of these lies in my memory

Ages and ages of gross deceit

Should’ve seen ‘tis a reason to retreat

But my love was too strong to shove


Told me you loved me

And I believed you ‘cause I did too

When I fell, I was so damn frail

Your love sent me to an emotional jail

No way I could ever be freed or bailed


Whispers and echoes from your lips

Sent sparks in between my hips

Was dazed; aligning with your scripts

You possessed total control

Yet no feelings for my soul


When we kissed passionately

You professed love unconditionally

When you opened your mouth

I saw two tongues

One yelling south, another yelling north


Said you loved your women light skinned

But I cried “oh no, I don’t have such skin”

You replied grinning like a joker

“Baby just three shades lighter

And you’d be my heart’s live wire”


Dashed to the cosmetics shop

Like a fish about to be chopped

I wanted to be the one you were after

The only one you remember

You were such a sniper, should’ve known better


Hoped this feeling was mutual

Sad, the result was brutal

You had my heart butchered

Like you did other sisters

But now I’m free from you, mister


Free from your lies in disguise

Free from your promises of skies

Free enough to say my goodbyes

I will no longer compromise

For now I am free and wise. 

CharleneKez · 528 days ago
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