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For man or manna

What's the price of your soul?

Your weight in silver or gold?

Knowledge from ages so old

Buried cryptic in scrolls?

Oh yeah, we're searching for truth

Taking detours for some roots

For the root of evil, we live in pursuit.


I have to cop me a suit

 A new pad with a view

Swimming pool that's in suite

And a gold chain for a noose


Living rich and depressed

Hoping the liquor destress

Distressed and a mess

Watching these women undress

A couple dollars for sex,

A couple more for my meds,

She says no charge for the head

Relax and take it in bed


Now I'm battling time,

The only cousin of death,

So I'm recounting by breaths,

A whole lot of missteps,

It's like I'm destined for hell,

But really what'd you expect?

 So now I live in regret,

Watching my body regress,

Take all my silver and gold,

Just hand me a piece of my soul

William Ifeanyi Moore 


willifmoore · 522 days ago
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