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Doctor Doctor

Doctor doctor, cure me at once

I fear I may have a deadly ailment

I set my eyes on him once

And the flutter of my heart is beyond containment


Doctor doctor, save me I implore

I think I may have some sort of paralysis

My bones suddenly seem to be made of fur

Around him, my words come in incoherent phrases


Doctor doctor, heal me of these burns

For he has set my heart alight

Opium to make me numb

For the longer I feel this, I shall lose the fight


Doctor doctor, what is this love you speak of?

I know of only fevers and flu

This sickness rids me of my tough

I lack perspicuity since clouded by this romantic gloom


Doctor doctor, what is this madness?

How can you have no cure?

I'll pay, I'll even buy you a palace

My head is spinning to his magical overture


Doctor doctor, maybe it's not so bad after all

I think I may acquaint myself with this love

The pain, I don't seem to recall

I'll let it sink deep through my heart's cove

Orsuelah · 531 days ago
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