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All that glitters is more likely gold than love (Chapter 3)

Two weeks passed quickly and still no word from Jake. This was quite unlike him.  Every second that passed only seemed to heighten my worry. I became a devout Christian automatically, praying morning and night that Jake would be safe. I could not concentrate on anything and soon my friends noticed. 

"Shay, are you okay?" asked Mims

"Yes, I'm fine" I lied, wearing a plastic smile. 

"If you can succeed in fooling Mims, you can't fool me. I know you're not okay so start talking" said Unik. 

Hiding things from Unik and Mims was a herculean task as they could read my thoughts from a simple twitch of my eye. I sighed. 

"Well, I'm not okay. I haven't heard from Jake in two weeks. No calls, no text messages, nothing. I can't help worrying over him. I've tried to ignore it, keep myself busy but it's not working" I sobbed. 

"Shay, don't cry. If there's something I know, it's that Jake loves you. It's probably nothing. Maybe his phone got bad or got stolen so calm down"  cooed Mims. I nodded. 

"I don't understand why you feel the need to cry. You're the strongest girl I know. I bet you can step on red hot stones without so much as a whimper so don't let this small situation bring you down. Like Mims said, it's probably nothing"

"Maybe I'm just tired of being strong" I said as hot tears blinded me and began to flood my face. 

"Come here" Unik said, enveloping me in a warm hug. I trembled in her arms and let all the tears out. As I cried, I felt Mims close in from behind and a warmth filled my heart, slowly drying my tears out. 

"I've ruined your uniform" I said, staring at the huge patch my tears left on Unik's uniform.

"I know and you're going to do my laundry" she replied. I laughed a little.

Unik was truly beautiful. Her smile was sunshine on a clammy day. She had really deep dimples that accentuated either side of her mouth with perfectly chiseled teeth. She was tall, fair and had a full hair of slightly brown hair that got lighter at the tips. Her starry eyes lit up when she smiled. Her diamond-shaped face was embellished with boomerang-like brows giving her a sultry look. In one sentence, she was an 'i-can-steal-your-man-before-you-even-blink'  kind of pretty.

"Hey! Shay! Are you still in our world?" 

I almost forgot Mims was still here. 

"I'm sorry. I zoned out a bit" I replied. 

"Ogbanje ooo! Tell us where your jazz is so we can dig it out" Mims joked and we all burst out laughing. 

I was in the habit of zoning out in between conversations, allowing my mind to stray between worlds. (No, I'm not an ogbanje). 

While Unik gave a bit of tough love, Mims gave more of the silk-soft-all-embracing love. She had a darker skin tone compared to Unik and I. Her skin was of a milk chocolate shade. She possessed big round eyes that could turn on the 'Captain America' mode in any guy. Like a little porcelain doll, she looked very delicate, almost breakable. 

As I stared at my two friends, a genuine smile, straight from my heart, spread across my face. I wondered what I would do without these girls. They were my pillars and talking to them always gave me the strength to face any obstacle, be it as huge as the biblical Goliath. 

The shrill sound of the school bell broke into my thoughts, announcing that break time was over. As we walked back to class, I was filled with new hope and a great certainty. In that moment, I knew Jake was fine. He had to be.

Orsuelah · 527 days ago
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