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All Her Shades

Love you from the sole of your feet

Up to the crown of your hair

Nappy, kinky, or curly

Every style that your wear

Be you the blackest of berries

Or lightest of fruits

Tonight, I’m trying to say this to you

Yes I’m loving your shades

Every spectrum and tone

A million shadings of gold

Your beauty a story untold

Cause they depict you as less

Promoting hating of self

Bleach creams and worse for your health

To line their pockets with wealth

Chemicals all in your hair

And other masks that you wear

Ashamed of being yourself

Can’t stand a stare or a glare

Promises say you are free

But freedom comes with a price

Purchase with parts of your soul

Filling illusions of holes

Came from a long line of queens

But now you’re down on your knees

Losing your steam and esteem

I’m losing it, I might scream

Black, brown and yellow skin too

I love it all is the truth

Preference for essence that’s true

I see that you

willifmoore · 546 days ago
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