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Don't be alarmed

It's just some kids with firearms and machetes for your arm

You are now welcome to the belly of the beast

Where demons and devils meet

Crime and corruption cripple the streets,

Broad day bribery, no, it's never discreet,

Preachers prey on the meek,

Leaders prey on the weak,

Rip the spoils of the soil and leave the water filled with oil,

You live in denial of a failed state

But the government couldn't protect your estate,

Or fill your fuel gauge

Broken governments and parastatals

Left us paralytic in a world going pro-athletic,

We marvel at history and its aesthetics,

False pride on our sleeves like our hearts are prosthetic,

Pyramids, bronze work, and broken boats we use to keep a time froze,

Cause we rather live in times old

Than come close to a present where rich as kings we feed like peasant,

Even as a child I was no stranger to violence,

No sirens, just bakassi beheadings and burnt bodies as tires spin.

I hope you hear the meaning in my words and emotions in my silence

Cause in my sadness I'm a bullet to the head away from madness.

Sick of this land of poverty, and bigotry, corruption with impunity

Institutionalized with political immunity,

Face value and vanity,

Denial of insanity,

Hell would be this in infinity

You'd think they’d give you hope

But rather they’d throw you ropes,

With a kick to your chair and a prayer that you choke.

willifmoore · 528 days ago
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