The first and most important rule of writing is that there are NO rules, only suggestions. Depending on what you are writing, who you are writing for, and what you want to achieve with your writing, the writer can do as they please. The web and books are filled with all sorts of rules. They encourage us to avoid clichés, to use simple grammar, short sentences, the list goes on. But in reality, the
willifmoore · 501 days ago

Characters we encounter in books aren’t so different from people we encounter in reality. For the most part; we are given a little insight into a person’s persona, and based on the little information we have, we make up the rest. Anyone that has ever experienced something like falling in love at first sight will be able to relate to the notion of falling in love with the idea of what a person coul
willifmoore · 506 days ago

3. Mechanics   In literally every art form, there is a certain mechanic aspect that births what we refer to as aesthetics. For writing, though all stories are made up of words and letters, not all writing are read with the same beauty. You can give two writers exactly the same story to tell and end up with two different looking scripts because writers vary in style. The mechanics aspect of writi
willifmoore · 532 days ago

What is a book? A collection of letters, words and sentences on pages with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Seems simple enough right? With the right burst of inspiration there is nothing to stop anyone from writing one. But then, everyone isn’t a writer, and even among writers, not every book or story has the ability to hold us to ransom demanding our complete attention. So what is it that make
willifmoore · 544 days ago
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