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Part time genius, part time idiot

Lover of the abstract, yet with a strong grip on reality

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I roll to my side andI'm greeted by a smiling mistakeI try to wash of my discontentIn its stead, the void of my infidelityI'm dressed in the nicest clothesBut I feel like the world can see my naked sinThe night beforeIn the cloak of darknessWe crushed trust with ourDeafening groansAnd failed to heedThe voice of guiltThe night beforeIn another man's bedI nestled in the comfort of betrayalNow when s
Orsuelah · 400 days ago

I had a lover onceHe was 'the one every girl wants'He did everything rightProtected me from the cold of the night He would touch my hairAnd hold my handAnd his kiss could make me want for airMy lover, however, loved to play' disappear'A game that left me with the cold to bearMy teeth would clatterMy feet frostbittenAnd the cold climbed to my heart as with a ladderMy lover did return He tried to gi
Orsuelah · 447 days ago

‘Rip my heart apartEvery piece into more piecesLove is for foolish heartsNow I wish I had listened’.As I dropped my pen on my tear-soaked notepad, I felt weak like a surge of energy just left me. I sobbed silently on my bed. My mind in total disarray, I cried till there were no more tears in my tear ducts, till I felt like I couldn’t breathe, till I felt completely drained and I must have drifted 
Orsuelah · 463 days ago

This is the place we fell in love And made the world our little alcoveA place where nothing mattered but usAnd push never came to shoveThis is the place we made promisesTo live above the errsAnd be the perfect puzzle pieces Incorruptible by the world's vanities Now this is the place you restWhile I stand desolate and weepWhen we drew our picture-perfect life, You never told me there would be death
Orsuelah · 466 days ago

"Yeah, it's me. Miss me?" "No! I hate you! Where have you been?" "Slow it down, volcano! I lost my phone the day I got to Lagos, almost immediately after I received your call" "You got robbed?" I gasped. "Let's just say 'Mr feather fingers' got it off me. I didn't feel a thing. I didn't even know till I got home" "Wow! What a welcome party" He laughed. "I'm really sorry I was unable to reach
Orsuelah · 490 days ago

"I'm nervous, mum" "It's okay dear. You look stunning. Own the day" she said with a reassuring smile. That was the confidence boost I needed. I half-walked, half-skipped down the aisle, my smile wider than the Cheshire cat's in Alice in Wonderland. My gown was of the purest white I have ever seen, embellished with real rubies splashed across the bodice. I was in a church. I knew that because of t
Orsuelah · 516 days ago

Two weeks passed quickly and still no word from Jake. This was quite unlike him.  Every second that passed only seemed to heighten my worry. I became a devout Christian automatically, praying morning and night that Jake would be safe. I could not concentrate on anything and soon my friends noticed.  "Shay, are you okay?" asked Mims "Yes, I'm fine" I lied, wearing a plastic smile.  "If you can s
Orsuelah · 527 days ago

Doctor doctor, cure me at once I fear I may have a deadly ailment I set my eyes on him once And the flutter of my heart is beyond containment   Doctor doctor, save me I implore I think I may have some sort of paralysis My bones suddenly seem to be made of fur Around him, my words come in incoherent phrases   Doctor doctor, heal me of these burns For he has set my heart alight Opium to make me numb
Orsuelah · 531 days ago

We couldn’t get enough of each other. Our moments in church were now too short. We started going out on real dates (Well, at least that’s what it seemed like to me at the time). We would go window shopping at malls which was always nice because I always got something nice at the end of the day. Soon, I had to start giving out some of the teddy bears he bought lest it became too suspicious (Don’t l
Orsuelah · 532 days ago

Hey you there Yes Mister, I'm talking to you Don't just nod your head Come play with me, please do   Hey you standing over there You played with the others already Come lace my shoes or braid my hair Are you deaf or just heady   Hey you in the weirdest cloak I wonder what games you know how to play I will prance about like a defiant bloke Until you dance with me beneath the sun rays
Orsuelah · 533 days ago

What happens when your reflection doesn't stare back at you And your will is bound to servitude What happens when the rains return to the skies Or the sun is stained like bleeding eyes What happens when the wind refuses to whisper Or the air you breathe, like a flower withers What happens when your heart dances to the drum of death And your soul departs it's daring depth What lies beyond the path
Orsuelah · 534 days ago

Love is like a flower. In its blooming days, it smiles at the sun, embraces every drop of rain, dances with the wind and blesses the environment with its graceful beauty and calming scent. Yet when it withers, it is forgotten and quickly fades away into its inevitable rot.  Don't get me wrong, this is not a hate campaign against love. I'm just expressing my feelings. I'm Shania, I'll be 21 on the
Orsuelah · 535 days ago
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